Thank You


JAN 26th, 1988.

On this date, when I was but 19, my mother gave me one of her kidneys. Note transplant scar on my left. On that same day, an unsuspecting teenage boy turned 15, unaware that 23 years later, he would donate one of his kidneys to the wife he had not yet met. Note transplant scar on my right.

Every day, I get to tell my Kevin how grateful I am he saved my life. Today, I get to tell both of them.

Thank you, Mum. Thank you, Kevin. Because of you, I have lived 28 years longer than I should have.

Thank you, Mum for giving me life.

Thank you, Kevin, for sharing my life.

And thank you both, for saving my life.

Today is the greatest day. I am one of the lucky ones.

Thanks for lifting my day with your beautiful story! — Peter Krantz
This is such a glorious celebration and the most generous gift of life. Wishing you many more healthy and loving years! You are all truly beautiful inside and out! — Shari Chaskin
Your story is just FABULOUS!!!!! I’m sharing! — Maureen McGillan Sklar
I love this story and this photo beyond the beyond!!! — Suzanne Whang
That is the best piece of writing, Henriette! So beautifully said! — Bonnie Scott