13 Things I Remember, and One Thing I Will Never Forget

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13 Things I Remember and One Thing I Will Never Forget.

1) We would belt "Yellow Submarine" together as we drove through the streets of Toronto. "We all live in a yellow submarine!"

2) The cassette tapes you made when we spent the summers in Denmark. You shared soccer scores, the national news, that Elvis had died, and updates on "The Donny and Marie Show."

3) Watching "Hockey Night in Canada" together. Your favorite players were Tiger Williams, Lanny MacDonald and Darryl Sittler. I would always fall asleep after the second period and you let me sleep beside you on the couch.

4) I would hide my eyes during "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang" whenever the Candyman came on the screen. You would laugh and then hug me.

5) Taking us to Grenadier Pond in High Park to feed the ducks.

6) Your favorite sandwich was tomato and mayonnaise with salt and pepper.

7) You were an amazing doctor, rugby player, stamp collector and word game creator.

8) Your favorite Christmas carol was "Good King Wenceslas."

9) One night when you tucked me into bed, you banged your head on the bunk bed and I cried, "I'm sorry!" You smiled and told me I was too sensitive for this world.

10) Your laugh.

11) The beer bottles on the floor of the car.

12) When the light in your eyes went out.

13) The day you did not home.

One thing I will never forget:

1) That you loved me.

Jeeeez. Why you always gotta make me cry with your powerful words? — Jessica Snow Wilson
So beautiful, your words! — Robin Hill
So beautiful...loving. An honor to read this post. — Kelly Shipe Jeffers