Pershing Square


From Copenhagen to Jerusalem, to Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and LA, I just scrolled through my birthday messages and pictured every one of your faces. From family, to my literary world, sober family, to my friends who might as well be related. What an amazing thing Facebook is.

On my birthday I was reminded that joy and pain are not mutually exclusive. You can be grieving and find a giggle. Be in physical agony and find gratitude. Or know deep love in the midst of the unpredictable.

In LA’s Pershing Square the homeless coexist amongst the $15 cocktail sippers, drug-deals occur simultaneous with valet tipping, and glorious architecture stands side-by-side with decimated facades. Heartbreaking. Exciting. Devastating. Inspiring. All of the above.

Every morning I pray for these things for the people I love: To have a passion. To be free from the fear of financial insecurity. For anger and resentment to be lifted from their heart. To never know a sick day in their lives. To be loved and cherished.

Yes, the greatest of these is love. The love of a child, a pet, a friend, a spouse or a God.

Do any of us ever get all of the above? I don’t know. But I hope you are happy with where you are right now. Today, I am.

Amazing pic and incredible words that spoke to me. Had to choke back tears on public transit. Never stop sharing! You nailed the juxtapositions of life so eloquently! — Amarjit Chima
That was beautiful. — William McCauley
Beautiful words, Henriette! — Graeme Lynch
Beautifully and poignantly written. — Jennifer Simser
Gave me goosebumps. — Johanna Moorehead