Wahlter White


For those of us who do not, or cannot, go forth and multiply, we know love from the metronome beat of a tail. From the brush of whiskers against my calf, as his furry face collapses against it. From the steady clip-clip-clip as panicked paws follow me from bedroom to bathroom and beyond. From the respectful and cool nudge of his nose upon my arm as I kneel in prayer upon his stomping grounds.

"Are you OK?"

Unspoken words ooze from unconditional pools of brown, hazel really, followed by low, quick twitches of love. Wag, wag, wag. With the tilt of his head, I am seen, heard, without ever exchanging a word. Every minute holding space for me, as I strive to exist in mine.

Unabashed. Fearless. What dogs know of love, I am only beginning to understand.

Without ever changing a diaper.

WOW!!! Beautifully spoken, very Bukowski.

— Ed Friedman
You are a poet.

— Katherine White
Awww, Henni. Cue the ugly cry because of your beautiful words.

Tania Makiri Cooper
You are such a beautiful and gifted writer, Henriette!

—Sigute Miller
So eloquently expressed. ❤ Even those of us who have had human babies can appreciate the purity of a dog’s love. —Jane Fredgant