Dear Furless Father


Dear Furless Father a.k.a. Kevin,

Thanks for every night I sleep beside you on your $2000 mattress even though it hurts your back.

Thanks for putting up with my unruly and unpredictable bursts of pee/poo/puke as I waddle ever deeper into Seniorland.

Thanks for our morning back-and-forth growling contests over Mom's sleeping body. (Yes, I am aware you have the bigger d**k.)

Thanks for every time you earnestly inquire, Who's a good boy? Although you might want to give that one a rest. At this point I'm pretty clear it's me.

Thanks for the nights you curl around me and retell the story of my adoption. Even though I picked you guys ONE YEAR EARLIER when you were taking pictures of the hounds at Daphneyland and I climbed right into your lap. (HELLO! Get a clue!) Apparently some bitch named Maggie May needed yours to be a "one-dog" home. (Diva.)

But most of all, thanks for my forever home. Even though you and Mom have a curious lack of fur (especially on your heads!), I have loved each and every second of the last 3 1/2 years with you guys.

Love, Wahlter White the Basset Hound.

P.S. More Milkbones, please

You are amazing and gifted Henriette Ivanans! Great post! They ALL are!!! — Marin May
So funny! So touching! — Darlene Weege
And that is why you are a gifted writer. You tell a beautiful story, Henriette. — Kim McIntyre-Leighton